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Haven House is a nonprofit outpatient community mental health clinic. We provide multiple levels of service including individual therapy, psychiatric doctors and nurses, medication management, psychiatric rehabilitation services day program, and mobile psychiatric rehabilitation services (in home or in the community). Our clients receive much needed services through medical assistance, Medicaid, Medicare, county mental health assistance funds, or private insurances. Our clients span all ages from 14 yrs. and up. Our staff work with clients through their Individual Treatment Plans and Goals to assist them in achieving good health and wellness, whether it is a short term illness or severe and chronic.

Donations received are primarily utilized for clients in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services day program for individuals with severe and chronic mental illness requiring daily supports to achieve stability and focus on life skills. Some of these clients are with us for 6 months and then are well enough to return to a more independent lifestyle. The majority of these clients are long term clients, with Haven House for many years, have co - occurring chronic physical health illness, and are unable to work due to their illnesses.

Our mission is to improve and elevate the independence of individuals having mental illness while supporting recovery and enhancing their quality of life.

Wishlist Items
  •   Backpack (gently used)
  •   Backpack (new)
  •   Computer/Work Bag (gently used)
  •   Computer/Work Bag (new)
  •   Scarves-Fashion (gently used)
  •   Scarves-Fashion (new)
  •   Blanket - Twin (gently used)
  •   Blanket - Twin (new)
  •   Sheets - Full (gently used)
  •   Sheets - Queen (gently used)
  •   Sheets - Twin (gently used)
  •   Activity/Puzzle Books - Adult (new)
  •   Adult Books (gently used)
  •   Teen Books (gently used)
  Cleaning Supplies  
  •   All Purpose Cleaner
  •   Laundry Detergent - High Efficiency
  •   Clothes - Men (gently used)
  •   Clothes - Men (new)
  •   Clothes - Women (gently used)
  •   Clothes - Women (new)
  •   Pajamas - Men (gently used)
  •   Pajamas - Women (gently used)
  •   Socks/Underwear - Men (new)
  •   Socks/Underwear - Women (new)
  Craft Supplies  
  •   Construction Paper (new)
  •   Journals (new)
  •   Markers (new)
  •   Paper - White Printer
  •   Digital Camera (gently used)
  •   Coffee - Canned/Ground
  •   Coffee - Kcup
  •   Fruit Cups - Individual
  •   Granola Bars
  •   Protein Drinks - Ensure
  Gift Cards  
  •   Gift Card - Bus Pass
  •   Gift Card - Target
  •   Tickets - Iron Pigs
  •   Toilet Paper
  •   Towels (genty used)
  Personal Care  
  •   Body Lotion
  •   Body Wash
  •   Brush (new)
  •   Comb (new)
  •   Deodorant - Men's
  •   Deodorant - Women's
  •   Hand Lotion
  •   Hand Soap
  •   Lip Balm
  •   Mouthwash
  •   Pill Boxes
  •   Shampoo/Conditioner
  •   Tissues
  •   Toothbrush
  •   Toothpaste
  •   Travel Soap Dish
  •   Shoes - Men (gently used)
  •   Shoes - Women (gently used)

2 Ways to Donate

1) Drop items off at the nonprofit:
You can arrange to drop off your donation directly at Haven House. Please call ahead to arrange a date and time that works for you and the nonprofit.
Address: 1411 Union Boulevard
Allentown, PA 18109
Driving Directions
Donation Contact: Lori Richardson
610-433-6181 x 214
Donation Hours: Advance Scheduling Required: Donations can be received Mon-Sat with advance scheduling required, contact Lori Richardson, 610-433-6181 x 214, or
Donation Instructions: Donations must be given to a Haven House representative ( Lori Richardson, or the receptionist) and donor MUST sign in. We are a healthcare facility and DO NOT have an area available for people to dropoff and leave items unattended. Please contact Lori Richardson in advance to schedule a drop off.
2) Order items from
Purchase items off of the wishlist above from and have them shipped directly to Haven House.

Click on the icon to the left of the item name to be directed to Add the item to your cart. At checkout, enter the address below to ship the items directly to Haven House:

Haven House
C/O Lori Richardson
1411 Union Boulevard
Allentown, PA 18109