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The Lily’s Hope Foundation supports babies, children, and their families with unexpected and urgent needs due to premature birth. We support our NICU families by providing them with essential items since they have been unable to prepare for their child’s early arrival. Our Lily’s Hope Families that are in the middle of this medical crisis are referred to us by hospital case workers, hospital staff, and word of mouth. We work with each individual family to answer their specific needs by way of our Packages of Hope. Our Packages of Hope include items that can often be expensive and difficult to find. Examples of the care package contents are micro-preemie/preemie clothing, preemie diapers, car seats or car seat beds, bassinets, gift cards for use toward transportation to the NICU, and much more.

Wishlist Items
  •   Backpack (new)
  •   Hats - NB-Teen (new)
  •   Baby Bathtub (new)
  •   Baby Bottles (new)
  •   Baby Formula
  •   Baby Lotion
  •   Baby Nail Clippers
  •   Baby Shampoo
  •   Baby Swing (new)
  •   Baby Wash
  •   Baby Wipes
  •   Bibs (new)
  •   Boppy Pillow (new)
  •   Breast Pump (new)
  •   Breast Pump Tubing (new)
  •   Burp Cloth (new)
  •   Diaper Cream
  •   Diapers - All Sizes
  •   Diapers - Preemie
  •   Nipple Cream
  •   Nipple Pads
  •   Nursing Cover (gently used)
  •   Nursing Cover (new)
  •   Pull-ups
  •   Stroller (gently used)
  •   Stroller (new)
  •   Bassinet Sheet (new)
  •   Blanket - Twin (new)
  •   Crib Sheet - Standard (new)
  •   Lap Blanket - Gender Neutral (new)
  •   Pack and Play Sheet (new)
  •   Pillow (new)
  •   Activity Books - Children (new)
  •   Activity/Puzzle Books - Adult (new)
  •   Adult Books (new)
  •   Board Books (new)
  •   Coloring Books (new)
  •   Picture Books (new)
  •   Teen Books (new)
  Cleaning Supplies  
  •   All Purpose Cleaner
  •   Laundry Detergent - Baby
  •   Clothes - Baby (new)
  •   Pajamas - Baby (new)
  Craft Supplies  
  •   Construction Paper (new)
  •   Crayons (new)
  •   Journals (new)
  •   Coffee - Canned/Ground
  Gift Cards  
  •   Gift Card - Babies R Us
  •   Gift Card - CVS
  •   Gift Card - Friendly's
  •   Gift Card - Giant
  •   Gift Card - iTunes
  •   Gift Card - Kmart
  •   Gift Card - Lehigh Valley Gas Station
  •   Gift Card - Lehigh Valley Restaurant
  •   Gift Card - Pharmacy
  •   Gift Card - Target
  •   Gift Card - Walmart
  •   Gift Card - Wawa
  •   Bowls - Paper/Plastic
  •   Napkins
  •   Plates - Paper/Plastic
  •   Silverware - Plastic
  Personal Care  
  •   First Aid Kit
  •   Hand Sanitizer
  •   Toiletries - Travel Size
  •   Shoes - Baby (new)

2 Ways to Donate

1) Drop items off at the nonprofit:
You can arrange to drop off your donation directly at Lily's Hope Foundation. Please call ahead to arrange a date and time that works for you and the nonprofit.
Address: 5145 Applebutter Hill Road
Center Valley, PA 18034
Driving Directions
Donation Contact: Jennifer Driscoll
Donation Hours: Drop off at Ju-Ju Monkey, 4755 Tilghman Street, Allentown, PA 18104
Donation Instructions: Drop off in the Donate.Local.Simple box inside the store during their hours.
2) Order items from
Purchase items off of the wishlist above from and have them shipped directly to Lily's Hope Foundation.

Click on the icon to the left of the item name to be directed to Add the item to your cart. At checkout, enter the address below to ship the items directly to Lily's Hope Foundation:

Lily's Hope Foundation
C/O Jennifer Driscoll
5145 Applebutter Hill Road
Center Valley, PA 18034